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Private Classes

Private Classes

The Private classes are perfect for someone who wants to learn at their own pace, with no other distractions you have dedicated one and one time with your Teacher. Activities and games are used to help you develop your language skills as well as a...

Semi Private Classes

Semi Private Classes

This type of class works with a previous test to determine the levels of those who participate in it. We try to have students of similar level, this type of class is ideal for people who want to share their class, but do not want a very large clas...

Group Classes

Group Classes

The group classes are suited for students with a very basic or no previous experience with spanish, more time is dedicated to practical rather than grammar. The class is designed for learning new vocabulary, expressions, mastering basic conversati...

One Day Classes

One Day Classes

If you are in a rush and just stopping by in Sucre, we offer One day classes. This offer is also great for intermediate to advance level students who want to go over a specific subject or solve a problem. You are also welcome to join our activitie...

Special Classes

Classes for Business

Classes for Business

If you are planning on living and working in Bolivia or other Spanish speaking countries we offer classes taylored to your business and working profession. For example we offer classes for exchange students and investors in the Spanish speaking ma...

Classes for Travellers

Classes for Travellers

A round-the-world trip remains the world’s greatest journey. For two out of every three people, this is the ultimate travel experience, according to recent research. Needless to say, in a world obsessed by travel, travelers and travel agents are b...

Classes for Kids

Classes for Kids

We have classes specially designed for children from the age of 5. With an appropriate methodology with games, visits to parks, museums, restaurants, etc. Where there is the possibility of greater actual practice and use of appropriate vocabulary....

Structured & Planned

At Megusta our lessons are structured and planned and tailored to the needs of the individual student. This give the student the best environment for studying a new language.

Exercise Books for Students

We have spent countless hours writing our own unique exercise books for the school that makes learning Spanish not only easy but fun as well! 

Change teachers weekly

At Megusta if you want to switch things up you are more than welcome to change your teacher at the end of each week. This also gives you a good opportunity to learn from different teaching styles and find the teacher that best suites you.

Petra Wolfesberger

My boyfriend and I did three weeks of Spanish lessons at Me Gusta Spanish school and we really enjoyed the time there! The owners of the school Elisabeth and Fernando are very friendly and open hearted. All of the teachers are nice too and it feels a little bit like a family. Me Gusta spanish school is very flexible and will listen to your wishes.

Katherine Prussian Prussian

Me Gusta Spanish School in Sucre was fantastic. My husband and I had one teacher and our two kids, Ages 9 and 11, had another teacher for two weeks of classes at Me Gusta. We learned a lot, had fun, and really appreciated the professional and personable experience the teachers and staff provide.

Joey Laver

I had a fantastic experience at Me Gusta Spanish School. The staff at the school are so friendly and the quality of teaching is first class. Having studied Spanish at college, university and private classes, this was some of the best teaching I received. Also, Sucre is a brilliant city to study in. Very beautiful. I highly recommend studying here.

Ellen O'Connell

Me and me boyfriend spent 4 weeks leaning Spanish here. We had the best time! Fantastic location and such amazing teachers, I would recommend coming here whether it's for a short time or if you have a long time to spend learning, it was such a great experience!

Tina Lofitis

I did just two weeks of private classes with MG! The private classes were well worth it and my teacher Becky was so sweet, very patient and ensured that each day we didn't just sit in the classroom but would actually go to buy things from the market or go to eat empanadas. This whole time we would be talking in spanish and she would get me to order everything and speak to everyone. I loved the spanish class, it was super cheap and I wish I could have stayed longer. :)

Carly Bowers

Excellent school, the staff were friendly and the teachers were very encouraging and professional. The daily activities are good too, especially the cooking class.

About Us

Since 2005 we wanted to design an effective methodology for teaching Spanish making this a fun process but with great results. This is how the project "Me Gusta Escuela de Español" was born in 2011. From our first experiences we realized how individualized the teaching of Spanish should be since each person is different and unique. That is why we are passionate about our work, it is a challenge every day, and every day we learn something new. We change, implement, improve and innovate every year. We have the best team. Each of the people we work with is identified with the "Megusta" project.

Welcome to our family, welcome to our school!

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